Ellie Wilde is a popular designer of prom dresses and the first shipment of stock that we received last week is already flying out of the door! That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we will be holding an Ellie Wilde trunk show at our Prom Shop from Wednesday, March 16 – Saturday, April 16th!

But that brings up a good question: What is a trunk show?

In short, a trunk show is when a bunch of dresses from one designer show up in-store for a limited period of time.

Due to space limitations, we are only able to carry a small percentage of the dresses that designers make. When we have a trunk show, we bring in a bunch of dresses at one time that you can try on and buy. Or, if we don’t have a dress that you want in your size, you can still see it in person and then we can arrange to have your dress shipped to us specifically for you. ūüôā

For this Ellie Wilde show we will have 20 new dresses for you to fall in love with.

If you’re not familiar with Ellie Wilde, they’re an elegant, bold collection that is both timeless and contemporary. Unapologetically confident yet vulnerable and refreshing.¬†Adventurous and incandescent. Inspiring and unforgettable.

Hyperbole? You tell us!

Ellie Wilde – EW118003 (has pockets!)

Save & Exit two piece ball gown prom gown Ellie Wilde EW118003_E

Ellie Wilde – EW118081

emerald prom dress Ellie Wilde EW118081

Ellie Wilde – EW118095

ruffle skirt prom dress Ellie Wilde EW118095

Ellie Wilde – EW118125

ball gown prom dress Ellie Wilde EW118125

Ellie Wilde – EW118008

bustier crop top prom dress Ellie Wilde - EW118008

Ellie Wilde – EW118009

floral print prom dress Ellie Wilde - EW118009

Ellie Wilde – EW118026

bohemian prom dress Ellie Wilde - EW118026

Ellie Wilde – EW118045

high slit prom dress Ellie Wilde - EW118045

Ellie Wilde – EW118033

lace prom dress Ellie Wilde - EW118033

Ellie Wilde – EW118139

Ellie Wilde - EW118139

Ellie Wilde – EW117001

Ellie Wilde - EW117001

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have over 20 dresses at the store for you to see in person!

Is there an advantage to going to the trunk show early?

You betcha! There are two great reasons to get to the store as soon as you can:

  1. Limited availability: The way these dresses have been flying off the rack, there may go quick! If you wait until April to make an appointment, or to drop by, the selection of what we have in stock at the store will be increasingly limited.
  2. Our prom registry: We want to ensure as much as we can that you have a unique look when you show up to prom. That’s where our prom registry comes in. Whenever you buy a prom dress from us, we make a note of the dress and the school. We will not sell your dress to somebody else at your school for that year’s prom. That’s great, right! Right! Except if you’re the one who can’t wear the perfect dress to prom because somebody else already has it. Don’t risk it. Come see us early and have your run of the racks!

We open at 10am on Wednesday, March 16th for those who want to get a jump on things.

Either show up, or to guarantee a spot and to work with one of our stylists, schedule a free appointment.

We’ll see you soon!

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